Our Party


Lampasas is the birth place of the National Farmers' Alliance & Industrial Union. This progressive populist movement would ultimately lead to FDR's New Deal and so much more. Join our the movement to reignite Lampasas' progressive history!


We are actively getting new Democrats registered to vote, ensuring we stand up for our issues, fight for our rights, and work to reclaim our democracy for working people instead of the modern-day corporate robber barons.

Democrats have a long history of delivering for working folks, from creating the weekend to Social Security, voting rights to civil rights. With you on our side, we'll achieve even more!

Our current officers are:

  • Clayton Tucker, Chair
  • Cyndy Burleson, Precinct 1 Chair
  • Stacey Swann, Precinct 2 Chair
  • Terry Tucker, Precinct 3 Chair & Secretary
  • Kie Hankins, Precinct 4 Chair
  • Annie Stuart, Precinct 5 Chair 
  • Bruce Frizzell, Precinct 9 Acting Chair 
  • Roland Fritz, Treasurer
  • & maybe you!