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  • signed Fix Internet in Rural Texas! 2023-12-06 11:51:33 -0600
    having moved from where I had fast reliable internet to rural Texas where internet not much faster than dial-up & not reliable, I know first hand how important reliable internet service is. Covid and the need for kids to be on internet for school also shows the importance of reliable rural internet.

    Fix Internet & Phone Issues in Rural Texas

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    Internet is no longer a luxury. More and more people, businesses, and critical services depend on Internet to the point where it's the new electricity. The recent Internet and cell service outages are UNACCEPTABLE. Many in Lampasas are taking care of loved ones. When service go down, it puts their lives, and frankly all of our lives, at risk. We demand that our city, state, and federal officials do everything they can to fix this issue before it costs someone the ultimate price. 

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