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    Save Rural Hospitals

    26 rural hospitals have closed in recent years across Texas. This is unacceptable for the richest country on Earth. Texans deserve better. 


    We demand our state and federal leaders do all that they can to protect all rural hospitals and clinics across the state and reopen all those that have closed. Expanding Medicaid is a good first step to help save rural hospitals, so we DEMAND our state leaders expand Medicaid ASAP and do whatever else it takes to save our rural healthcare. 

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    Fix the Grid

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    Many in Lampasas suffered when the power grid failed during the disastrous winter storm of 2021. Instead of getting to work and fixing the grid, Texas state leaders play the blame game and get NOTHING DONE. Powerplants are still not required to winterize their equipment, there's still little to no transparency in ERCOT/PUC, and fundamentally nothing has changed. 

    Let's send a clear message to our state leaders: FIX THE DAMN GRID!

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    Fix Internet & Phone Issues in Rural Texas

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    Internet is no longer a luxury. More and more people, businesses, and critical services depend on Internet to the point where it's the new electricity. The recent Internet and cell service outages are UNACCEPTABLE. Many in Lampasas are taking care of loved ones. When service go down, it puts their lives, and frankly all of our lives, at risk. We demand that our city, state, and federal officials do everything they can to fix this issue before it costs someone the ultimate price. 

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  • published Our Issues in Our Party 2021-08-29 15:41:04 -0500

    Our Issues

    FDR's Four Freedoms:

    1. Freedom of Speech

    2. Freedom of Religion

    3. Freedom from Want

    4. Freedom from Fear


    This means: 

    • Ensure all Americans have healthcare, see which doctor you want when you want, limit/eliminate corporate middlemen, lower costs, universal coverage for all. 
    • Living wage for all workers. Raise wages, closing the wealth gap, strengthening Social Security.
    • Fix Lampasas's Internet and phone issues issues. 
    • Fully fund the VA. Support our veterans and military families.
    • Fix our criminal justice system to ensure we have Liberty AND Justice for all
    • Guarantee rights for all Americans regardless of sex, gender, identity, socioeconomic status, race, etc. Liberty and justice for all.
    • Protect and promote every American’s fundamental right to vote. Fight for drive through voting. 
    • Stop the climate crisis. Advance clean energy, protect our water, and more.
    • Stop gun violence through targeted actions to stop violent offenders from obtaining weapons.
    • More infrastructure investments. Rural broadband for Lampasas. Treat Internet as a public utility. 
    • Protect our public schools. Lower costs of higher education for our future. 
    • Keep housing affordable. Stop corporate use of eminent domain. 

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  • published Bring a Bark Park to Lampasas in Take Action 2021-08-29 12:36:07 -0500

    Bring a Bark Park to Lampasas

    Lampasas already has some wonderful parks, and a Bark Park would be an excellent addition! It would be a fairly low-cost park that would bring a lot of joy to many of our residents. Let's bring a dog park to Lampasas!

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  • signed Protect our voting rights! 2021-09-27 18:16:22 -0500

    Protect our voting rights!

    We Texans aren't known for being timid, so let's be Texas Bold with our demands. Just as teachers are the profession that create all other professions, voting rights are the rights that create and maintain all others. Petition below:


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    We must stand against GOP efforts to suppress our right to vote. Just as teachers are the profession that create all other professions, voting rights are the rights that create and maintain all others.

    We demand the ending of partisan gerrymandering, expanding voting hours, ending the voter purge, automatic registration, turning Election Day into a holiday, ensure voting is fast and easy, reinstating straight-ticket voting, and more. 

    All of these things will strengthen and expand our right to vote. Making voting hard is not the same as making it secure. Our voting methods are already very secure, and 2020 was the most secure election in history. Fear-mongering to chip away at voting rights is anti-American, anti-patriotic, and lack common decency. 

    Let's expand our right to vote, strengthen our civil and human rights, and move our society to new heights.  

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  • published Why be a Democrat? in Our Party 2021-08-29 11:47:00 -0500

    Why be a Democrat?

    The Democrats built this state. Together, we can return it to its rightful path.

    Democrats believe in Four Freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, & freedom from fear. To achieve these ends, the Democratic Party has given the American people:

    • Texas State Parks
    • Social Security
    • Medicare
    • Public schools
    • Public roads
    • Electric Coops & rural electrification
    • Ended Child Labor
    • Created the weekend
    • The GI Bill
    • Women's Suffrage
    • The New Deal
    • Medicaid
    • Civil Rights
    • Voting Rights
    • Minimum wage
    • The ACA and affordable healthcare via the market place
    • & much much more. 


    Famous Texans who are/were Democrats:

    • President LBJ
    • Governor Ann Richards
    • Commissioner Jim Hightower
    • Speaker Sam Rayburn
    • Sam E Johnson Jr. 
    • Barbara Jordan
    • Willie Nelson
    • Bob Bullock


    Infamous People Who Claim to be from Texas but ain't:

    • George W Bush
    • Ted Cruz

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